Welcome to our Supernovars Team,

Since our bulletin in April the Club AGM has been held with office bearers elected, for the first time under our revised constitution which gives equal representation to Bowls and Petanque on the club board. The current board members are;

              President                                     Jonathan Giddings

              Vice President Bowls                   Rob Jones

              Vice President Petanque             Roland Peik

              Treasurer                                    Sandra Broom

              Secretary                                    Robyn Schultz

              Board Members                         Julie Sandercock

                                                                 Miriam Peik

Please ensure that you give the board your support to ensure the success and growth of the club both on and off the playing arenas.

Tony Spruzen

Ex - President

Robyn Schultz






There are always jobs around the club that need attention. Anything you can do to contribute to the maintenance of the piste (Roland), bowling green (Tony Norman)or gardens would be appreciated.

Jonathan Giddings


Miriam Peik

Committee Member

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Roland Peik

Vice President Pétanque

Julie Sandercock

Committee Member

Sandra Broom


Rob Jones

Vice President Bowls